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Andrew Redfern

New Mini Tablet Computers Further Importance of a Mobile Ready Company Website

The landscape of online marketing and commercial web design stands to change once more over the next few weeks as companies introduce miniature alternatives to the tablet computers which have enjoyed a popularity boom in recent times, increasing the use of mobile internet and the need for companies to provide mobile ready internet site.

With a mobile version of your site you can optimise the usefulness of your website and improve the user experience of your website; which is, after all, the bread and butter of the industry. But now, as leading competitors in the tech race look to create a completely new subset of the tablet market, some are beginning to wonder how this will affect their mobile web presence and which changes, if any will need to be made.

This week, Amazon is expected to unveil a new version of the popular 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet, which follows the arrival of the 7 inch Google Nexus tablet in July, while Apple is expected to follow this with a similarly sized 7.85 inch Apple iPad tablet to unveil in October. This means that by the end of the year, consumers will enjoy a selection of extremely affordable portable computers which is expected to increase the profligacy of mobile internet usage.

With even more people expected to access the internet via mobile devices, more and more companies will be forced to introduce mobile versions of their website in order to deliver the best service and retain the online user base.

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