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Google Introduces Disavow Links Tool to Google Webmaster Central to Help Boost Positive SEO

Google has finally launched their brand new ‘disavow links’ tool, to the delight of SEO professionals all over the world, in what is considered a major step forward in the battle against negative SEO.

The all new Google disavow tool was primarily designed for use by anybody who’s site was impacted by the Google Penguin Update. Its introduction follows the launch of a similar tool at Bing earlier this year.

Head of the Google Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts, announced the change during his keynote speech at the Pubcon conference. This was followed by further confirmation via the Google Webmaster Central blog.

A small section of the SEO community has already been given the opportunity to test a beta version of the disavow links tool. Cutts advised that SEOs use the disavow links tool with caution, and that publishers should first attempt to remove suspicious links via traditional methods. This means that they should attempt to remove a link pointing to the site by working with the link’s host site or with companies that the publisher may have purchased links through.

The disavow links tool requires users to list URLs in a text file. These URLs can be listed individually, while a number of concerning URLs from the same site can be linked using ‘domain:’, for example: “domain:google.com”. Both methods can be used in a single text file. Any comments must be marked with a # and Google will ignore them, all other domains will be targeted.

Cutts explained that Google might take weeks to discount links, and Google may refuse a submission if it feels the disavowal is suspicious. Equally, if a link is disavowed my mistake, it will take further weeks to ‘reavow’ it.

SEO professionals and site owners will find the brand new Google disavow links tool here.


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