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Twitter Reveals X-Factor Favourites – Who is Trending, and Are They Trending for the Right Reasons?

X-Factor finalist Rylan is mentioned on Twitter more than twice as often as many other contestants, figures claim. But while this would suggest that a favourite is emerging, not every tweet is good news for the controversial Essex boy. When it comes to X-Factor, Twitter has spoken, and if mentions alone are an indicator of popularity, Rylan Clark is an early front runner for the top prize.

More than fifty thousand Xfactor themed tweets were scanned between Monday and Wednesday, using HitSearch Reputation Management Software, and these tweets were divided by which wannabe superstar was mentioned in each. The breakdown provides a fantastic indication of which performers are currently most popular, and which are in danger of getting the boot, next weekend.

Rylan tops the table with 10% of all mentions. This won’t be music to the ears of contest judge Gary Barlow. The Take That crooner famously stormed off stage when his colleagues voted to save the 23 year old showman, over the more traditionally talented Carolynne Poole. Ella Henderson, who drew comparisons to Adele despite her tender age, is currently in second with 8% of mentions, while squeaky clean boyband Union J are third with 7%. Bringing up the rear are Liverpool lad Chris and Kye Sones; who also came in for criticism last weekend, when veteran judge Louis Walsh claimed to have gotten bored during his performance.


If mentions are an indication of the way fans will vote to save their favourite artists, it may be time for Chris or Kye to pack their bags; but not all mentions on Twitter are a positive thing. HitSearch Reputation Management Software can also record ‘how’ contestants were mentioned, with some interesting results.

XFactor Mentions - Positive or Negative

While 16 year old Ella might be the second most talked about singer on the show, more than half of those mentions were negative. In contrast, more X Factor viewers are fans of Rylan than not; and 58% of Union J tweeters had glowing things to say, too. Fewer people might talk about Chris and Kye, but more than 60% of those Twitter users who mentioned the boys were doing so for the right reasons. So, it’s not all bad news for the cheesy chaps and sleep-inducing-singers of Britain’s biggest talent show.

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