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Lack of Twitter Buzz Makes District3 and Chris Maloney Favourites for X Factor Exit Door

Teenage boyband and scouse crooner Chris receive the fewest Twitter mentions of all X Factor contestants, but will they also receive the fewest votes to stay in the competition?

Twitter has once again spoken, with every contestant mentioned in a number of tweets. But while some, like flamboyant showman Rylan Clark and four piece boyband Union J, continue to garner lots of Twitter buzz, others, namely less flamboyant Chris Maloney and three piece boyband District 3, receive a miniscule share for themselves.

The figures, recorded by HitSearch Reputation Management Software, suggest that if fewer people are tweeting about the acts, there is also a chance that fewer people will vote to save them from the X Factor boot.

With all X Factor related tweets recorded over the three day period 23-25 October, figures show that Rylan and Ella Henderson continue to enjoy the lion’s share of Twitter, though interestingly both saw their percentage share decrease as the days went on.

In contrast, boyband Union J and gruff solo singer James enjoyed a much greater share of the mentions by the end of the research period, after both ended the first day with just 7% of Twitter mentions each. By the end of 25 October James commanded 14% of X Factor tweets, while Union J topped the final table with 16%.

Rylan still received 12% of the tweets come the final reckoning, but this was a massive drop, after commanding 26% of Twitter activity on 23 October.

The fab four of Rylan, Ella, James and Union J continue soak up the micro-blogging limelight. Sitting comfortably in mid table are solo acts Jahmene, Lucy and former chimney sweep Kye Sones. But there are ominous signs for Chris and District 3 who drive the least Twitter buzz, along with Jade who sits just above them on 25 October.

All three have a strong possibility of winding up in the bottom two once the votes are in, though it’s worth remembering that there is no direct correlation between the number of tweets and the voting process. The figures merely serve as an indicator of popularity over the period in question; and if less people are bothering to mention them in tweets, will they bother to save them in the phone vote?

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