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Twitter Predicts Romney to Beat Obama in Colorado Swing State

Twitter has spoken about the US presidential election, and findings could suggest that Republican challenger Mitt Romney, could have the edge over President Barack Obama in the key swing state of Colorado.

With just a day remaining until the election, incumbent President Obama and Senator Romney are working to secure crucial votes in a number swing states; and these votes could tip the odds of a close race in their favour.

According to Twitter data collected by HitSearch Reputation Management Software, users of the micro-blogging site favour Senator Romney. This could suggest that voting in Colorado could go the same way.

From 1 November until 4 November 2012, the all new HitSearch Reputation Management Software recorded tweets which mentioned either President Obama or Senator Romney; and also whether or not this mention could be considered to be positive or negative toward the candidate.

Findings proved that while more people tweeted about Obama, a greater percentage of these mentions were negative. In total, the software recorded 5060 mentions of the President, an average of 1265 per day, while just 4954 mentions of Mr Romney; a marginally lower average of 1238.5 tweets per day.

Importantly, however, just 69.3% of these Mitt Romney mentions were negative in context. That might seem like a lot, but negative mentions of the president accounted for 75.7% more than three quarters of all the tweets recorded.

This suggests marginally greater popularity in Colorado for the republican challenger, and could suggest a greater sway of popularity once the votes are counted. In an important swing state like Ohio, this could prove to be a major win for the former Governor of Massachusetts.

One factor which could account for Romney’s greater popularity could be a greater share of positive press. While reports state that President Obama currently leads the polls in Colorado, his opposition of marijuana legalization could work against him in Colorado.

The move to relax laws on marijuana use grows increasingly popular in the US; particularly in Colorado, where a ballot initiative could legalise possession of an ounce of marijuana for recreational use. Another blot on the President’s Colorado copy book is the arrest of a democratic campaign worker arrested in the state for unlawful sexual contact.

Meanwhile, by honouring America’s military heroes, Romney could enjoy crucial good press in a military heavy state like Colorado.

The Rasmussen Poll and GOP Poll currently have the pair locked in a tie for Colorado, in what is set to be the closest presidential race for decades. But an increased show of support for Romney on social media sites like Twitter, could give some sort of insight, in how the final stage of this enthralling contest will pan out.

The HitSearch Reputation Management Service can capture any brand’s "buzz" and divide it into positive and negative opinion. By searching billions of information sources, such as blogs, message boards, forums, news sites, (as well as social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google+) this innovative reputation management service provides the most in-depth, real-time knowledge available to a brand.


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