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Twitter Tips Obama to Pip Romney in Swing State Ohio

Data collected from social media giant Twitter could suggest that President Barack Obama has the edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the crucial swing state of Ohio, which could provide a massive boost to his chances of securing a second term in tomorrow’s US presidential election.

The state of Ohio has long been considered an important asset in the battle for the White House, since the winner of Ohio, often goes on to win the election. With one day of frantic campaigning to go before the 6 November election, an apparently greater popularity on Twitter could suggest that the incumbent president could secure this important swing state, and edge into the lead of a close race.

According to data compiled by HitSearch Reputation Management Software, Twitter users favour President Obama in the run in. If this popularity manifested itself in Ohio voting figures, the president would see off the challenge of Senator Romney in this key battleground.

From 1 November until 4 November 2012, the all new HitSearch Reputation Management Software recorded tweets, originating from Ohio, which mentioned either President Obama or Senator Romney; and also whether or not this mention could be considered to be positive or negative toward the candidate.

The figures show that while marginally more users mentioned Mitt Romney in their tweets, the overwhelming majority of these mentions carried negative connotations. An incredible 31,301 mentions of Romney were recorded over the four day period, with more than 10,000 tweets recorded on 3 November alone. On average, 7,825.25 tweets mentioned Romney each day, but of this number, a whopping 78.6% had bad things to say; with just 21.4% of tweets recorded as being positive.

In contrast, mentions of President Obama from Ohio never exceeded 10,000, and over the four day period only 29,608 tweets were recorded; an average of 7,402 mentions per day. But of this number, a marginally greater percentage of tweets were positive. A total of 24.6% of tweets showed support for the most powerful man in the world, leaving 75.4% to criticise the president. This is still more than three quarters negative, but is an improvement on Mr Romney’s Twitter popularity rating in Ohio.

There are a number of reasons why President Obama could be favoured in Ohio at this late stage of the race. In a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, the President pointed to the success of his regime in halving the Ohio unemployment rate. It is also believed that the President enjoyed a poll boost for his handling of the Superstorm Sandy disaster.

But the incumbent hasn’t had things all his own way in Ohio, not least since established Ohio Democrat James Stanton voiced his support for the Republican challenger Romney. The race remains too close to call and stands to be the smallest margin of victory in recent memory.

But if recent Twitter activity suggests marginally greater popularity for Obama, the battle for the state of Ohio could prove to be a deciding factor in this enthralling political contest.

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