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Three Brand New Google Nexus Devices Introduced to Undercut Apple in Mobile Computing Market

Google has introduced three new mobile devices to its Nexus range which offer similar specifications to their competitors, but are available at less cost.

Competition in the mobile computing market is fierce with all of the major brands releasing smartphones or tablets in recent months, including Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Now Google has played their latest hand, unveiling new products in both categories, which will undercut these other big names in a bid to win more sales.

The Google Nexus range was created to allow the search engine giant to experiment with mobile software and cater to techies keen to try out the latest technical innovations. These brand new gadgets include the Google Nexus 4 smartphone and two new tablet computers; the Google Nexus 10, and an updated version of the smaller Google Nexus 7.

All of the new devises run the latest version of Android 4.2, and all are available for less than their biggest rivals. The Nexus 4 smartphone is available for purchase at a cost of just £239.00 without a contract, while Apple fans keen to get their hands on an iPhone 5, will need to stump up £529.00.

The new, full-sized Nexus 10 tablet is also available for around £80.00 cheaper than the latest full-sized iPad, in spite of the fact that its specifications are extremely similar.

Of course, price is only one factor, and the Google nexus range has come in for a lot of criticism from some industry figures, who claim that the range confuses consumers as to what are the ‘flagship’ android devices.

They also claim that Google’s reliance on hardware and software partners means that updates can be an often chaotic and long winded process, with the majority of users still making use of an old operating system. In comparison, Apple claims that more than half of iPhone users are already making use of iOS6.


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