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Is Your Business Ready for Cyber Monday? 5 Simple Tips

As we enter what could be a record breaking Cyber Monday, SEO Experts HitSearch suggest ways that online retailers can optimise their success.

Figures suggest that Black Friday 2012 was the biggest spending in history, which means that the online sales boom known as Cyber Monday could be equally record breaking. But is your business ready
to fight for its share of an estimated $1.5 billion in online sales?

There is no underestimating the importance of Cyber Monday to the online retail industry. Spending on the day has more than doubled in the past 5 years, and reached an all time high of $1.25 billion in 2011. But according to ComScore Inc, Cyber Monday sales in 2012 will exceed this figure, breaking the record once again.

At HitSearch, we know that it’s not too late for online retailers to get online and do what they can to draw as big a share of this record breaking haul as possible. If you’d like to gain the competitive edge over your retail rivals this Cyber Monday, it might help to follow our fantastic 5 simple tips.

1. Social Media - As with the majority of online phenomenon, Facebook and Twitter are likely to have a say in the success or failure of your business. Schedule all of your brand’s Facebook and Twitter messages for today to have a specific slant on Christmas buying.

2. Cyber Monday Graphics - Cyber Monday is not the day for discretion. Instead, plaster your online store with graphics and images illustrating the seasonal shopping period and all of your store’s festive offers. You could sway idle visitors into seriously filling their basket.

3. Press Releases - With the whole online retail world affected by Cyber Monday, it is unlikely that optimising your site for that phrase will help you onto the front page of Google search results. But a timely PR article could generate more than usual interest and plenty of clicks through to your store.

4. Discount Codes - They are one of the proven methods of boosting online sales, but from Cyber Monday onward, discount codes should perform extremely well in the run up to Christmas. Get a discount code live today to ride the Cyber Monday wave, but ensure that vouchers are targeted and promoted well.

5. Affiliates - Take advantage of your professional relationships during the online shopping boom and work together to develop some creative promotions.

Whilst Black Friday is a largely American phenomenon, Cyber Monday affects the British retail market as well. In 2010, a record £831,000 was spent online in just one minute. Traditionally, the first week of December is the busiest shopping week of the year. Online sellers will reap the benefits of their Cyber Monday tweaks long into December, and if the forecasts of various analysts come to fruition, you could enjoy a record breaking period.

HitSearch Director Andy Redfern commented "Even if your business is not positioned to rank well for the large volume phrases through SEO this Christmas there are still important steps your business should be undertaking to maximise its return.

"Cyber Monday usually indicates the start of the purchase phase for Christmas sales and its imperative that your business does all it can capture as many sales as possible."


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