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Andrew Redfern

How a Strong Call to Action will Ensure Your SEO Efforts are Not in Vain

On this blog we have regularly been discussing the many ways in which you can improve the search engine optimisation, or SEO, of your website. The purpose of SEO is to make certain alterations to your site, ensuring it grabs the attention of the search engines for your specific keywords, and ranks highly within the search results to grab as many visits to the website as possible.

But the question is; once these users have found your site, the users that you have specifically targeted, what would you then like them to do when they get there?

A call to action is a request or a direction for the user to “do something”. This should be directly incorporated into the design of your web pages to make it as clear to the user as possible. If you do not have a clear and apparent call to action, your SEO endeavours may prove to be in vain.

Let’s say, for example, your company sells bikes and bike accessories. You have implemented a successful SEO strategy around the keyword “bike”, and you are enjoying an increase in visitors to your site.

The problem is, once people land on your page, all they see is a nice picture of a bike. The only instruction to purchase a bike from your site is hidden away, in unremarkable text beneath the fold. This is too weak for a call to action, and is likely to decrease the number of conversions you would otherwise have gained.

Your SEO campaign is ultimately fruitless if your call to action is weak or non-existent. Once your target audience has landed on your page, you need to ensure that your call to action is loud and clear, and each user knows what they are supposed to do, and how to follow the links in order to make a purchase.

Spell it out for the user, and make their experience on your site as easy as possible. If you can successfully employ this, then your SEO efforts will not have been in vain.

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