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Andrew Redfern

A Video Sitemap Can Boost the SEO Efforts for Video Content on Your Site

If the video content on your website is proving to be an SEO nightmare, and the search engine crawlers are not rooting them out, then you are by no means alone. However, if you need your videos to rank highly within Google search results, then there is a proven method to give them the SEO boost they desperately need.

You can create a video sitemap for your website, something for which Google had recently introduced support; expanding on the original sitemap protocol, this helps to provide information about the video content on your site directly to Google.

A video sitemap on your website works by tying the video content to the relevant metadata, which will enable it to be noticed by the search engines. Google’s crawlers cannot read video material, so a sitemap will present these crawlers with text-based information about your videos, including the title and the duration of the video, as well as a keyword-rich description; this helps Google to index the video accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation benefits greatly from a video sitemap, as this directly tells Google exactly where the video content resides within your site, and what sort of information it contains. Arming Google with this data via a sitemap enables your video content to be discovered by the search engine crawlers, which in turn will enable your videos to rank highly for related user searches.

Google’s blended search results mean that high-ranking videos will now be listed alongside general search results on the front page, and not just within the Google Video results. This means that improving the SEO on your video content is now more important than ever.

Video is becoming ever more prominent as an online marketing device, so as video content begins to invade general search results, a comprehensive sitemap for your video content could make the world of different to your SEO campaign.


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