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International SEO – Yandex Moves to Personalised Search

One of Europe’s biggest internet companies, Yandex, has moved to personalise its search function.

Now Russia’s most popular search engine, and most visited website, Yandex, will structure the results of an online search on the basis of the interests and preferences of the user. The site will also offer suggestions to create the most useful and relevant online search service, tailored to each individual.

It means that an avid reader searching ‘The Hobbit’ will be directed to the Tolkien book, while a movie buff will be presented with information about the new blockbuster film, from Peter Jackson.

In order to provide the most accurate, personalised results, Yandex analyses each user’s online behaviour. This includes scanning their search history, and recording which results they clicked through to.

The functionality is enabled by default for every active Yandex search user. The more searches they make, the more accurate and individual their results will become. Alternatively, users can easily disable the personalised search function if they wish.

The personalised search platform is known as Kaliningrad, and was preceded by the search platform Reykjavik, which ordered search results, based upon the user’s language preferences.

Early steps to personalise search included adding previous searches and frequently visited sites to a user’s search suggestions. Now, the Kaliningrad platform takes these innovations and adds a deeper analysis of the user’s internet activity, to produce the most personalised search possible.

Andrew Redfern Director of HitSearch said: "By personalising a set of search results, users can access relevant information in as short a time as possible. Thus, tailored results are seen as a positive step forward in the usefulness and quality of online search.

"Now that such a major search platform such as Yandex has moved to implement this technology, it is expected that other international search providers will move to further personalise their own search functions."


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