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Improve SEO by Improving the Structure of Internal Links

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving a website to satisfy the many criteria by which search engines rank their search results.

One of the many areas in which a website is examined is its popularity, and the amount of traffic clicking through site links. Popularity is an indicator that the information available on the site is valuable to the user, and will help the site to rank highly in the search returns.

A site’s popularity or perceived popularity can be improved by improving internal link structure throughout the site. Examine the links throughout your site which link back to the homepage. If these links include the appendage index.html, as in http://domain.com/index.html, then you are splitting links, and this can have a negative effect on the SEO performance of the site.

Splitting links means separating links to the homepage from within the site, and links to the homepage from elsewhere on the internet. External links do not contain the index.html suffix, and go directly to your domain name, http://domain.com.

If you can ensure that your internal links do the same, all traffic from within and without will be counted as one, improving the perceived popularity of the site and the traffic it commands. This means that you can do your existing SEO work justice, rather than taking away from them, by cutting popularity in half.

This means a great SEO technique is to remove the index.html appendage and any other suffixes which may be present throughout the site. This way, all links share a common purpose: firing your website higher up the list of search results.


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