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Power of Social Media During Major Events Highlighted as Obama Inauguration Causes Twitter Disruptions

Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as President of the United States on Monday, and as you might expect, the social media websites were jammed as people from around the world commented on the inauguration ceremony as it progressed.

According to American news network NBC, over a million tweets were sent throughout the duration of the ceremony, with just under 19,000 tweets being posted per minute.

This is a dramatic increase on the mere 80,000 tweets that were recorded during Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, showing just how much the micro blogging site has progressed in the last four years.

Indeed, it seems that the volume of users trying to access Twitter on Monday had an adverse effect on the social network’s servers, which were seemingly unable to cope with the rapid intake of traffic.

Some Twitter users had been reporting problems with the site throughout Monday afternoon, with ABC reporting that the there was an “extremely heavy” level of traffic coming through during the inauguration ceremony.

According to a post on the Twitter blog, developers said the site had experienced a “service disruption”, and their engineers worked to “resolve the issue” as soon as they could. The site currently appears to be running as normal.

This is a great example of the uses and impact of social media during major global events. With so many users online, sites like Twitter provide a simple method of breaking news and developments instantly, as well as garnering public opinion about certain aspects of the event.


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