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Twitter Mentioned in Half of TV Commercials During Super Bowl; Facebook Only 8%

Twitter dominated its social media competitors in the battle for Super Bowl screen time, after being mentioned in 50% of TV commercials which aired during the Super Bowl programs.

The game itself, between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, was a tense one in which the Ravens claimed the win in the finals seconds, but there was no such drama in the battle for social media supremacy, as coverage of Twitter dwarfed the presence of Facebook; while Google+ was not mentioned a single time.

Of the 52 national commercial which played during the coverage of the game on CBS, 26 made mention of Twitter, a percentage stake of 50%. In contrast, only 4 of the 52 adds mentioned Facebook, which amounts to 8%, and Google+ was not mentioned a single time.

This is significant, since Google+ is reported to be the second biggest social network in the world after Facebook. Yet, it is clearly not an avenue that advertisers are choosing to capture its target demographic.

Even YouTube and Instagram received a single mention each, but this was the year that Twitter asserted itself as a key portal for advertisers to reach their audience, and of the 26 ads which mentioned Twitter, all offered a hashtag, to encourage users to join the conversation of their brand. Examples includes slogan hashtags such as #betterwithmms in the M&Ms ad, movie titles such as #fastandfurious and many more.

Twitter coverage was up considerably on last year during which Facebook and Twitter were mentioned in 8 ads each. The significant increase in coverage this year suggests that advertisers trust in the benefit of Twitter to their advertising and brand awareness strategies. Facebook meanwhile has been subject to plenty of doubt, concerning the value of its advertising, and this is evident in its lack of presence during this huge international television event.


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