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Google Introduces Adwords Enhanced Campaigns for Greater Focus on Mobile Users

Google has launched an update of its Adwords software which introduces Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, a new way to create online advertising campaigns, with a greater focus on reaching mobile users.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns make it easier for advertisers to target Google search users on a variety of devices, including smart phones, tablets and computers. The aim of the new look Enhanced Campaigns is to encourage businesses to move away from the traditional pay per click campaigns which focus almost exclusively on desktop users.

With the number of mobile search users rapidly increasing, the success or failure of online advertising campaign could hinge upon a company's ability to target mobile users as well as traditional desktop users. Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns make it easier than ever to reach the widest audience across multiple platforms.

Previously, PPC campaigns required that desktop and mobile ads be managed separately by cloning campaigns and managing granular settings. Now, with Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, PPC account managers can set different bid prices and show different ads based on a device within the same campaign.

There are, however, apparent drawbacks. By simplifying the interface for ad campaigns, some PPC professionals have claimed they now suffer from a loss of control. Default bids are set at desktop/tablet level, and these devices are grouped together since Google believe that search behaviour across tablet and desktop usage is similar. Transparency of tablet performance will no longer be possible. What's more, advertisers claim the bidding process for mobile is unclear. Advertisers will set baseline bids for desktop and tablet, then set the mobile bid as a multiplier of the baseline, but advertisers says they are unclear on what the multiplier should be.

On the whole many believe the change to be a positive one.

Lily Tang, PPC Manager at HitSearch Limited said: "Google provides advertisers with wider scope of exposure across all devices; however we still believe there are different user behaviours between devices, tablets and desktop computers.

"We will consider implementing various day-parting strategies where customers are using tablet more than desktop at night time. Moving the focus to Mobile Phones, will be a critical step for small local businesses in particular. We are looking forward to the changes and prepared to maximise our campaign for clients."


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