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Andrew Redfern

Google Market Share Up to 67%, Bing Share Higher Than Ever

After a very strong month of search activity, there was good news for two major search engines, regarding their market share from the comeScore search engine rankings for January.

The data identified that the Google market share in the US had risen marginally from 66.7% to 67% through January. The Bing market share had also risen in that time, and to an all time high at that: the Bing market share for January recorded at 16.5%, up from 16.3% in December 2012.

Unfortunately, this did not ultimately signal any gain for 'Bing-powered search', since the increase was tempered by a decline in the Yahoo market share of a similar value. Overall, the combination commands the same market share of around 29% that it had previously.

In total, search activity increased some 11% in January with around 19.5 billion core searches. In January 2012, comScore estimated that around 17.8 core searches were carried out; meaning that 2013 saw 2 billion more in the US alone.

A core search refers to one that has not been contextually driven, or one that a user has not landed on in another way than the traditional input of a keyphrase. If a user clicked through to a list of search listings via a link or image, this would not constitute a core search.

The bottom line is that search activity is up, and Google's share of that activity remains indomitable.

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