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Celebs at Centre of Oscars Social Media Buzz

The 85th Academy Awards were held this weekend in Los Angeles, celebrating the best of the film industry over the last 12 months, and with an estimated worldwide audience of around 90 million, the web's various social media sites were unsurprisingly a hive of activity before, during and after the ceremony.

Just under nine million conversations about the Oscars were started across social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook on Sunday night, covering both the red carpet build-up and the ceremony itself.

Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence was the most talked-about celebrity of the night, with over 681,000 mentions. Although Lawrence's Oscar win was something of a surprise, most of the conversation will no doubt have been about the tumble that the 23-year-old took on the steps of the stage as she got up to collect her award.

Next on the list of most discussed celebrities during Oscars night, with 473,000 mentions, is Anne Hathaway, who won the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in Les Miserables, despite only amassing a total screen time of around 15 minutes in the film.

Third was Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who hosted the ceremony. MacFarlane is known for his controversial humour, and this was more than evident during his presenting stint at the Oscars. He attracted online attention at both ends of the scale, with 20 per cent of social media users speaking positively about his hosting skills, while 13 per cent completely disliked it.

The two biggest spikes in Oscars conversation on social media occurred when Mark Wahlberg announced that the award for Best Sound Editing was a tie between Skyfall and Life of Pi, and when First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance to reveal the winner of Best Picture, Ben Affleck's Argo.

As for the advertisers, Samsung enjoyed the highest volume of mentions on social media, thanks in no small part to a cameo from acclaimed director Tim Burton in their commercial which aired during the ceremony. With over 60,000 mentions of Samsung on social media, a good chunk of these mentions appear to have been of a positive nature.

Not so for the second and third most-discussed brands during the Oscars, Apple and Coca-Cola. Whilst most of their mentions were neutral, both Apple and Coca-Cola seem, with equal amounts of positive and negative coverage.


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