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Andrew Redfern

MasterChef Champion Salutes HitSearch Charity Burritos

Last week brought MasterChef Winner Claire Lara to Liverpool Innovation Park, to promote the Refugee Action charity and their 'World Food Night' campaign. HitSearch, an Online Marketing Company based in the building, took part in the charity event and managed to impress the successful Chef.

The event took part at lunch time in the Liverpool Innovation Park building, and was organised in order to raise awareness and donations for the Refugee Action charity. The event saw a number of employees both from HitSearch and other businesses within the building create their signature World Food dishes. Employees from the building donated money to try the options, and the charity raised musch needed funds.

Masterchef Champion Claire Lara - and HitSearch Andy Adams Masterchef Champion Claire Lara - and HitSearch Andy Adams

HitSearch SEO Expert, Andrew Adams won the competition with his homemade Mexican Burritos which were saluted by the Master Chef and his Online Marketing acquaintances.

Refugee Action is an independent national charity that works with refugees to build new lives in the UK. Their mission is to promote the fairer treatment of people seeking sanctuary from war or persecution. For more information on events or how to donate please visit www.refugee-action.org.uk.

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