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Google pushing Music in iGoogle

Google pushing Music in iGoogle

Mendel Chuang, Product Marketing Manager at Google posted that it had added new functionality to iGoogle.

Mendel comments that "With Google Desktop 5.5 Beta, you can you now embed Google Desktop Gadgets right into your iGoogle homepage.

Gadgets on an iGoogle homepage can have more advanced functionality, such as playing music from your computer.

You can find them alongside other gadgets in the iGoogle Content Directory. We've also improved some of the other features; such as better looking Quick Search Box, support for multiple copies of a gadget, and improved Outlook search functionality."

Google is trying to dominate all eyeball spaces; and whilst a user is at MySpace or FaceBook it is not capturing data our serving adverts hence why they have rolled another touchpoint for the user.

iGoogle is a interesting product which is growing rapidly and the uptake is surprisingly high (its rumoured that 15 to 20 percent of all Google homepage visits go to iGoogle instead of the traditional homepage), watch out for more additions from Google along these lines in the coming months.

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