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Google Update – Interflora Now Ranking for Brand Terms

UK florist Interflora has returned to Google search listings for its brand terms, less than a fortnight after being penalised for a breach of Google guidelines.

Whilst Google did not comment directly about the incident, and its reasons for penalising Interflora, it did issue a warning saying that selling links which pass page rank can lead to a penalty, which rather clearly alluded to the case of Interflora and its 'advertorial' dealings with a number of UK newspapers.

The official Interflora website has returned to Google rankings for searches of its brand name, and its Google+ brand box has returned to the right hand side of the screen. But that's not all: Interflora also ranks first for the word 'florist' in the US, and amongst the top ten results for a number of floral search terms.

Many of these results are still lower than they were pre-penalty, so it seems that the company's web presence is still in recovery, but it represents a marked improvement on their SEO situation for the previous week.

Google penalties are always temporary so long as the guilty party correct their errant search behaviour. The punishment doled out to Interflora appears rather soft. On top of that the fact that penalties were carried out after Valentine's Day, which would clearly be a very important period for the flower delivery company. What's more the company was omitted from search for no more than 11 days.


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