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Andrew Redfern

MasterChef Inspires HitSearch Staff to Keep on Cooking for Charity

Staff at HitSearch Limited will raise money for charity, and enjoy great food in the process, with weekly cooking challenges.

Employees at the Online Marketing Company have decided to carry on cooking after being inspired by team member Andrew Adams's recent cooking competition win; and the brilliant cause they helped to raise funds for. Adams was recently saluted by MasterChef Winner Claire Lara for cooking Mexican Burritos, for a cook off to support the Refugee Action Charity.

Hype over Andrew's delicious Burritos emerged after Claire Lara deemed them the winner of her World Food Day competition. Fellow HitSearch employees suggested Andrew makes his famous Burritos a regular occurrence in the Office, with donations to go to the companies chosen Charity. They have decided to take turns to create their signature dishes for the team each Monday afternoon, with donations from Staff and Managers going to Charity.

Monday saw Andrew Hunt create a variety of Pasta dishes for the Team including Chorizo, Pine nuts, and mushroom all in a red wine and tomato based sauce, which were enjoyed by all who tried them.

HitSearch have found this both enjoyable and successful in raising money and hope to inspire other companies in the building with their team building and money raising ideas.

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