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Google Combines Search and Social Media as 75% of Major Global Brands Adopt Google+

Brands are urged to integrate their search and social media strategies with the news that 3 out of the 4 of the Top 100 global brands is active on the Google+ network.

Google launched its social network Google+ in June 2011 and its success or failure has been a constant topic of speculation online ever since. But now that more and more of the most important brands in the world are adopting the platform, it makes plain the growing connection between a company's SEO strategies and social networking campaign.

At the end of 2012, Google announced that 500 million people had upgraded to Google+, 235million of whom were active users, who actively +1 apps in Google Play, hang out in Gmail and connect with their friends in search. A further 135 million users were active in the Google+ stream.

Now information available online for the BrandZ Top 100 global brands suggests that 3 out of 4 of these power brands are active on the site. These brands include Apple, BMW, RedBull and Samsung. This suggests that Google+ must now be considered a major, mainstream social networking resource. As the biggest brands in the world engage users on the platform, it is likely that even the remaining quarter of the Top 100 Brands are likely to follow suit at some stage.

Google+ can help businesses to connect with existing and potential users and customers, and allow them to build strong ongoing relationships. This cost effective social networking strategy allows a company to enter into a dialogue with the consumer or user, and allows them to keep their user demographic constantly up to date with the brand's latest news, product releases, services and much more.

But this presence is also key to the business' SEO strategy since Google+ profiles are increasingly likely to appear in the search results for brand terms. Google+ pages appear in search results for one in five brands already, a major jump in the past year, and the figure is expected to continue to rise in the near future. Further evidence of the growing importance of Google+ is available in the fact that 25% of the Top 100 brand feature links to their Google+ profiles on their homepage. Of this 25% 3 of the brands feature in the Top 10.

Of the 75% of brands with Google+ presence, more than half actively engage their users with posts, and clearly brands are recognising the importance and usefulness of keeping their audience engaged, through this growing social media resource.


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