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Google Unveils Latest Round of Interface Updates

Google has announced a new round of updates for a number of its services, from mobile app analytics to improved flight results.

With its latest mobile app analytics platform, Google claims to have "re-imagined app analytics from the ground up". Users will now have access to reports that will detail how many times an app has been opened on a certain day, most popular devices and platforms for the app, and the traffic sources that drive the most conversions.

Another update Google has released is for its Filght Search service, which now supports flight listings that include departures from the UK, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Searches can now be conducted in eight different languages, and the price results will be listed in the currency of the user's current location.

Thirdly, a new version of the Gmail mobile app has been released for Android, which includes a feature that allows users to reply to emails directly from the notifications.

The latest updates are also thought to have included a 25th update to the Google Panda algorithm. However, a Google spokesman confirmed last week that the company would not be confirming any more updates to Panda as "they'll be incorporated into our indexing process and thus be more gradual".

So, search engine marketers will now have to use their intuition to detect when and how a new Google Panda update has been implemented, and adjust their campaigns accordingly.


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