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Google Panda Updates will no Longer be Officially Announced

While rumours of a possible Google Panda update have been circulating within the SEO community since the weekend, Google is unlikely to confirm this as the company enters a new phase of gradual rolling updates, which will incorporate Google Panda updates into their regular overall algorithm updates.

A new Google Panda refresh would be the 25th in total but the search giant's new gradual rollout infrastructure means that analysts and SEO experts can only speculate.

Matt Cutts did suggest that a new Panda update might arrive at the weekend, when speaking at last week's SMX West, but he also explained that if it did, that update and all subsequent updates would not be announced. He added that any changes to the Panda algorithm would actually take place over a series of days and be much less abrupt.

Following the announcement, a leading SEO new service online was told by a Google spokesperson that the company would neither tweet nor confirm current or future Panda changes. Instead, these alterations would be incorporated into the Google indexing process and be more gradual. That news service did continue by confirming their belief that a new update had arrived.

That last officially confirmed Google Panda update, number 24, was confirmed on 22 January 2013, and affected around 1.2% of English language search queries.

Google Panda updates were introduced on 24 February 2011, after the company was pressured to take action against the creators of low quality content and content farms. At that time, the change affected 11.8% of English language searches, in its bid to prevent these content farms from securing top listings with low quality or duplicated content.


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