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Google Reinstates RSS Reader Extension to Chrome Browser

Google has reinstated an extension that allows users to view and subscribe to RSS feeds through its Chrome browser.

The extension, Google claims, was removed in error during the latest round of the company's service shutdowns, and is now available to download again from Chrome's Web Store.

The extension auto-detects an RSS feed when a website is viewed through Google Chrome, and when a feed is detected, Chrome will flash up an icon that allows users to preview the content of the feed, and then subscribe to it if they wish.

Finnur Thorarinsson, the author of the Chrome RSS feed extension, revealed that it was once again available to download in a post on an online forum yesterday.

Google had recently come under fire for discontinuing its standable RSS feed viewing platform, Google Reader, as part of its "spring cleaning", which also saw the axe fall on seven other Google services.

Although Google Reader will not be shut down until July, it has already been removed from the list of available feed readers. Thorarinsson says he was told the reasoning behind this is "to prevent [new users] from getting hooked on Reader and then be disappointed in a few months' time."

Other services set to be shutdown by Google include Google Building Maker, which allowed users to create 3D building models for Google Earth and Maps, and the photo-editing application Snapseed Desktop.

Google regularly closes down unpopular services, so as the company can "take advantage of new opportunities", rather than spread itself "too think and lack impact" in any of its areas.


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