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Andrew Redfern

Twitter Relaunches the Twitter for Business Site Complete with New Content and Business

Twitter has relaunched its commercial site, Twitter for Business, with a new look and a host of new content. The aim of the new site is to help businesses to build a successful presence online via the site.

Commercial users can choose between new or advanced how-to content, and a variety of case studies are available, which are organised by size of business or industry. The site also provides an abundance of information about its advertising options, how a company can get started and get the most from their campaign.

The Twitter for business site also features a new video, intended for beginners, but useful for all users. At a runtime of just 2 minutes, it features a lot of information in a short space of time.

Twitter is trying to improve its business orientation, and a series of recent changes have been intended to improve the service and make it more commercial friendly. The micro-blogging service recently expanded its analytics to allow small business advertisers to enjoy full ad targeting capabilities. A new lead generating tool is also rumoured to on the way.

Twitter recently passed 200 million active users, but the site still falls short of Facebook, and other competitors, in business adoption terms. According to a recent study, a new business is twice as likely to use Facebook commercially as Twitter. This report is backed up by other studies which have drawn similar conclusions. It is a fact that Twitter is eager to change.

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