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Andrew Redfern

Major Google Penguin Update Expected

The SEO community is expecting a major Google Penguin update, which is expected to have a significant impact upon SERPs.

Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam at Google, has explained in recent weeks the Google Penguin algorithm filter had iterated but would be subject to a major new update.

After many sites were hit when Google introduced Google Penguin, the majority are bracing themselves for another attack. But there are ways to prepare your site for the change.

Google Penguin is a link quality algorithm, designed to remove sites from the search results, which are perceived to use manipulative techniques to improve their visibility in the SERPs. Many have claimed that their sites were unjustly punished, and the Google Penguin algorithm had been badly executed, but one fact that cannot be disputed is that Google's web spam team had made an impact on the quality of search result.

But as Google has collected data, and tested Google Penguin further, the site is now eager to use the information they have learned and carry out a major structural overhaul of Google Penguin.

Nobody can say precisely what the new and improved Google Penguin is going to target, other than to say that it will target manipulative links, which can take a number of forms.

In the past, Google Penguin has punished too much anchor text, links from low quality sites, unnatural links, schemes such link trading and buying, links from duplicated content, links designed to manipulate PageRank, links from automated content and content which does not serve the end user.

We will keep you up to date on all of the latest breaking news with Google Penguin, and other Google and everything else that you need to know when it comes to your site and your SEO strategy.

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