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Google Captures Team from Social Prediction Start Up Behavio

Google has announced that the team from social prediction start-up Behavio, a service that collects data from mobile phones to predict what users may do in the future based on their past behaviours, has joined the company.

Behavio had developed a project which collects data from mobile smartphones, such as your locations, contacts and browsing activities, and uses this data to "predict" what the user will do next based on their previous behaviour, bringing them highly personalised recommendations.

Although there has been no official word on exactly what the Behavio team will be assigned to as part of their duties at Google, they have stated that they are hoping to "continue building out our vision within Google", and are looking forward to the "exciting things within Google" that they will now be a part of helping to develop.

One of the major benefits of taking on the Behavio team for Google is that they should now be able to develop more accurate predictions for the Google Now service, an Android widget that brings relevant information to the user without them having to search for it first.

Another benefit, of course, is that the Behavio team could share their insight with the team working on the hotly anticipated Google Glass project. For example, if the Google Glass wearer is out and about, the Behavio technology could help with recommending local attractions based on where you are and what you like.


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