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Google Brings Google Now Functionality to iOS Apps

Google has updated its Search app for iOS devices, integrating the much anticipated Google Now functionality into the latest version of the app.

Google Now learns about users through their activities and search history, and uses this information to "predict" what that user will want to do in the future, presenting them with relevant information such as traffic updates, weather reports, sports scores and more.

The feature has been available on Android devices since the launch of the 4.1 Jelly Bean software last year, and speculation about its introduction to iOS has been raging ever since a YouTube video claiming to showcase Google Now for iOS was uploaded, and swiftly deleted, in March.

Google Now signifies the "evolution of search", presenting users with the information they want, without them having to physically search for it.

Speaking about the introduction of Google Now for iOS, Baris Gultekin, Android product management director for Google, said: "[Google Now] has been on Android for a while, but we want to bring our products to all of our users, in more or less the same way.

"We talk about [Google Now] as the assistant that gives you information throughout the day, without you having to ask. Previously you had to issue a search to get these answers, and with Google Now, you get what you need before you even ask. We want computers to do the hard work so users can focus on what matters in their life."


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