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Andrew Redfern

Bing Integrates Klout Q&A Content into Top Search Results

Klout human created expert answers have been integrated into Bing search results. It is the latest attempt from a major search engine to take advantage of Q&A content in online search.

Yahoo and Facebook have both made well documented attempts to adapt the question and answer format into their content. Now, Klout and Bing launch their own bid for social Q&A success.

Answers from the top Klout users and influencers will enjoy pride of place at the top of Bing search listings, thanks to the new Klout Experts product.

With Klout Experts, the leading Klout users, selected by their online influence score or Klout Score, have been asked a series of questions based around the topics in which they are influential. The system then collects these responses and selects responses to be displayed within Bing results when a relevant query is made.These results will also be visible to users logged into their Klout accounts. Klout will feature index-able answer pages. Users will contribute to their Klout score by answering questions.

As of yesterday the Klouts Experts product was launched for topics and industries including travel, movies, music, cooking and technology.

Bing will display Klout content as in-line answers on their main search results portal. This marks a shift from their handling of other social content which exists within the social bar. Answers will be displayed as search listings and the results will allow users to click through to the Klout profile of the author.

This data will only be available for a small number of queries in this early period. Plans are in place, however, to roll out answers for hundreds of millions of queries.

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