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Cafes in US Ban Google Glass Over Privacy Fears

Google Glass has been heralded as the "next big thing" in the technology stakes, but it seems that Google's groundbreaking new project is hitting stumbling blocks before it even hits the shelves.

This week it has emerged that numerous cafes across America have already banned its customers from wearing the Google Glass specs in their premises over concerns about privacy.

A cafe owner in Seattle has ruled that customers must remove their Google Glass frames before they come into his cafe, and has hung up a sign which reads: "Respect our customers' privacy as we'd expect them to respect yours."

The move comes as various other establishments across the US begin to consider bans on Google Glass, due to the frame's ability to take pictures and shoot video via voice command.

Cinemas are likely to prevent its customers from wearing Google Glass to crack down on film piracy, while casinos are also thought to be considering a ban as the glasses may help gamblers to gain an unfair advantage.

UK legal firm Olswang is already compiling a privacy lawsuit against Google, labelling Google Glass "the ultimate snooper's gizmo."

Dan Tench of Olswang said: "If you walk around with a video camera filming, it's obvious what you're doing, but with Google Glass, it's much, much more invasive."

Google Glass is currently only available to 2000 select customers around the world, but is expected to go on general sale later this year, costing around £980 a pair.


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