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BBC Most Popular UK News Site in Google News Listings

The BBC is more likely to appear in Google News's search listings than any other UK news websites, research has found.

The study searched for "several million" keywords and phrases on Google.co.uk throughout April, and found that the BBC was the most popular site in the News section of the search results.

Newspaper websites The Guardian, Mail Online and The Telegraph came second, third and fourth respectively, while The Independent website also appears in the top ten.

Although the study was conducted by looking at the UK version of Google, plenty of international news sites appear in the top ten, including the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the India Times.

Marcus Tober, spokesman for the agency that carried out the research, said: "While it isn't surprising that the BBC, with its wide range of content, should top our study, our data indicates that there are increasing opportunities for smaller sites to appear in news results as Google is now showing more content from a wider range of sources.

"Getting into news results is even more valuable because they always appear on the first page and are positioned near the top."

The full top ten, with number of occurrences for each site in the news search results during the month of April, is:

  1. BBC.co.uk (33,384)
  2. guardian.co.uk (30,691)
  3. dailymail.co.uk (19,315)
  4. telegraph.co.uk (19,211)
  5. huffingtonpost.com (12,790)
  6. yahoo.com (11,347)
  7. indiatimes.com (10,764)
  8. independent.co.uk (9,863)
  9. wsj.com (7,543)
  10. reuters.com (7,037)


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