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Andrew Redfern

Google Rolls Out Thousands of Food Nutrition Info Bites

As the Google Knowledge Graph facility grows larger and more in depth, the search giant is rolling out detailed nutrition information on more than a thousand foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats and meals.

Not only with search users be able to look up particular foods using simple, one word searches like banana or potato, but they will also be able to search for complex dishes such as fajitas and their various ingredients. This information will be presented in the Google Knowledge Graph window on the right of the page.

Changes have also been implemented to the Google Voice Search facility in order to allow users to ask specific questions about the calorie content, fat or protein content of a variety of foods. In addition to the specific answer to their question, they'll receive relevant nutritional information and will also be provided with access to a host of related foods and other information.

Typically, the expansive Google Knowledge Graph also allows the search engine to connect related foods even if they have different names and the names are not featured in the search.

The nutrition information will roll out to English language users in the US over the course of the next ten days, and host of new features, foods and alternative languages will be added as the service grows.

The Google Knowledge Graph launched in May 2012, and is designed to provide answers to user's queries and not just links. By developing an understanding about people, places and a variety of subjects, Google Knowledge can present a portal of the most relevant information to a search, including the correct context of the search, where a single word might have a number of meanings.

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