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Andrew Redfern

Is Simon Cowell Still the Most Popular Judge on Britain's Got Talent 2013?

HitSearch Reputation Management software studies tweets about Britain's Got Talent to find the most popular panellist. So does Simon still rule the roost?

Is Simon still the most popular judge on Britain's Got Talent 2013? Online marketing experts HitSearch, took to Twitter to find out.

As Britain's Got Talent 2013 draws to a close, thousands are tweeting about the show every day, and HitSearch Reputation Management Software is using this data to create a picture of how the nation feels about the telly talent show.

Twitter's legion of BGT fans tweet about every performance, every sob story and every controversy. They tweet about who they wanted to get the boot, and who they think will win in Saturday's final, but they also tweet about the show's judges, and one judge in particular continues to enjoy the lion's share of the attention.

That's right, Simon Cowell is still the most popular judge on Britain's Got Talent according to Twitter. If he's not the most popular he's certainly the most talked about, and by some distance too.

HitSearch Reputation Management software recorded Twitter activity which mentioned Britain's Got Talent, since the beginning of the show, along with mentions of the judges or any weird and wonderful contestants. Analysis of the judges' data showed that Simon Cowell enjoyed more than 37% of the mentions.

It's likely that a fraction of the more recent Simon Cowell related tweets had something to do with the fact that ventriloquist Steve Hewlett performed with a spookily accurate Simon Cowell puppet during last week's semi final. But there's no doubting Si-Co's celebrity and it shouldn't come as too big a surprise that he would be talked (or at least tweeted) about more than any of his colleagues behind the big blue desk.

In second place, Ant and Dec aren't judges but they are regulars on the show, and they're mentioned in 29% of tweets. But this year's BGT has been notable for another bromance and third place David Walliams is responsible.

With 16% of mentions, it's likely that many BGT fans have been having their say on David's growing relationship with boss man Simon. Walliams is Cowell's biggest fan of all, and he hasn't been shy about showing it. It's often been more entertaining to watch than what's been going down on stage.

The girl's remain the least mentioned panellists on the show with Amanda Holden receiving just 10% of mentions and Alesha Dixon only 8%. They console themselves with the fact that not all mentions are good, and for every positive tweet about Simon, there is likely to be another tweet he wouldn't be so happy to read.

The HitSearch Reputation Management Service can capture any brand's "buzz" and divide it into positive and negative opinion. By searching billions of information sources, such as blogs, message boards, forums, news sites, (as well as social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google+) this innovative reputation management service provides the most in-depth, real-time knowledge available to a brand.

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