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Britain's Got Talent on Twitter – Shadow Dancers Attraction the Favourite with Fans

Shadow dancers Attraction are the most talked about act on Twitter in the Britain's Got Talent 2013 Final. That's the verdict from HitSearch Reputation Management. But will mentions on Twitter translate into votes on the show?

Britain's Got Talent 2013 draws to a close with a thrilling final show on Saturday at which all of the remaining acts will aim to give the performance of their lives and encourage the public to vote for them. But throughout the show the Twitter community has been tweeting up a storm and discussing the best and worst of the show, and now HitSearch can use that data to suggest the favourites for Saturday night's showdown.

From opera singers and pint sized dancers to foul-mouthed grannies and painting donkeys, Twitter users have had plenty to talk about in bursts of 140 characters.

Over the course of the past two months, the pioneering HitSearch Reputation Management software has collected thousands of tweets which mentioned Britain's Got Talent. But the system can group or divide these tweets by various criteria include by which celebrities, or contestants were also mentioned in them.

According to this data, the shadow theatre group Attraction are talked about on Twitter more than any of the other Britain's Got Talent finalists.

The controversial, but undeniably beautiful, Hungarian performance group were mentioned in more than a quarter of tweets which mentioned any BGT contestant.

With 27% of all mentions, it's clear that Attraction are the most talked about act on Twitter, and they're now also the odds on favourites to win the show with the bookies.

Trailing Attraction in the odds, and in the number of mentions on Twitter, comedian Jack Carroll is currently placed second in both.

The 14 year old stand up has been one of the stand out contestants on this year's show, and he has been mentioned in 6% of Britain's Got Talent tweets. Impersonator Francine Lewis is next up in the tweet stakes, but isn't so popular with bookmakers, who rate opera singing siblings Richard and Adam as third favourites to claim a place at the Royal Variety Performance. But according to HitSearch Reputation Management, less than 1% of BGT tweets mentioned the lads.

In addition to recording mentions, HitSearch Reputation Management software goes deeper to analyse the content of the tweets and the way they are written.

Findings show that more than 55% of tweets about the TV talent show were negative in connotation, which proves that the number of tweets a contestant earns won't translate directly into votes comes Saturday's live show.

Interestingly, the software reports that 65% tweets are written in a sensing tone rather than an intuiting tone. This would appear to be accurate and means that most tweeters are directly reacting to what they see on the show, for better or worse, while fewer write intuitively, which is to say that fewer write abstractly about the show. This could mean predicting future outcomes or suggesting who might face the chop at any given time. It seems most people directly praise or criticise what they see on the show, but then it's hard to say more in a single sentence or, better yet, a hashtag.

HitSearch Reputation Management software can capture any brand's "buzz" and divide it into positive and negative opinion. By searching billions of information sources, such as blogs, message boards, forums, news sites, (as well as social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google+) this innovative reputation management service provides the most in-depth, real-time knowledge available to a brand.


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