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Yahoo! PPC updates custom reports and scheduling

Yahoo! PPC updates custom reports and scheduling

Michael Mattis over on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog reported today that they have pushed live several new features and enhancements to the PPC system.

Enhancements to the reporting and scheduling system are going to be the most valuable changes although simple navigation tweaks are appreciated.

Michael outlined the updates in great detail below -

Custom Reports and Scheduling - Starting today, you'll be able to customize your reports based on date range, filter criteria and data columns. You can also choose to have your reports emailed to you at intervals that you specify: daily, weekly or monthly. In addition, you can choose the format in which you'd like to receive them, including XML, TSV or CSV for Excel.

Greater Navigation - Another request from our advertisers is the ability to move laterally from one detail page to another without having to backtrack to a summary page.

Now, you'll notice, we've added "Previous" and "Next" buttons to your campaign, ad group and keyword pages to help make it easier to navigate around your account. You will also see the relative location of the particular campaign, ad group or keyword page you're on in at any given time in relation to the others: for example: "3 of 23 Ad Groups." You can also navigate this way through search results.

This navigation aid also lets you move more easily among campaigns, ad groups and keywords that are in the top performers or watched lists in your account.

Calender Widget - In the calendar widget that appears in the upper right of the page under your Campaigns and Reports tabs, you can now select "Today," from the "Custom Date Range" drop-down menu. Your default setting will still be the previous two weeks unless you select a custom date range. Whatever range you choose will then become your new default."

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