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Is the Man of Steel a Man of Twitter Appeal?

Superman flies back into UK cinemas today in big budget blockbuster Man of Steel, and online marketing experts HitSearch are using their innovative Reputation Management Software to find out how Twittersphere feels about the movie.

After the lukewarm reception the 2006 Superman Returns movie, Warner Bros went back to square one to completely rethink the big screen version of the big blue superhero. Christopher Nolan was brought in as Producer to lend some Dark Knight style credibility to the project, and 300's Zak Snyder was hired to direct a darker, cooler Supes.

With an astronomical budget, and just as much spent on bus ads, posters and TV spots, critics estimate that the movie will have to earn $1 Billion worldwide to be considered a success.

That's the bottom line with the industry boffins, but how do the fans feel about the new Superman? Is the Man of Steel a man of Twitter appeal?

HitSearch Reputation Management software has been collecting data on thousands of tweets which mention 'Superman' or 'Man of Steel', and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. The system can then analyse this data in a variety of ways, to illustrate the popularity of the film on Twitter, and also provide insight on the type of people tweeting about the movie.

Already, the project is turning up some fascinating insight, and the early news is good for the studio.

According to the data collected so far, Twitter mentions of the movie have been overwhelmingly positive. HitSearch Reputation Management estimates that around 80% of tweets have been positive in reference to the movie. But will this change once the majority of the viewing public have had the chance to see the movie for themselves?

Perhaps less surprising is the news that more than 90% of Superman tweets have been written by men, with a less than 10% female demographic.

Over the course of the next few weeks, HitSearch Reputation Management software will continue to assess the popularity of the year's biggest summer blockbuster. Stay tuned to find out if the movie flies with Twitter users.


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