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Google Local Carousel Results Almost Half of All Click Throughs

A study of Google SERPS featuring the Google Local Carousel Results has discovered that the Carousel results claimed 48% of clicks, while the map feature to the right of the traditional listings claimed just 14.5% of click throughs.

Using heatmaps to identify user interest levels, the study proved that almost half of the searchers surveyed chose a Google Carousel based result.

Of the 83 users surveyed whilst browsing a particular search term, a total of 40 selected a listing from the Carousel. Only 12 clicked through the SERPS map.

The Google Knowledge Graph Carousel is becoming a more and more prominent feature within search results. Despite surfacing several months ago, its uses were limited to select few local searches within the US, but its usage continues to grow.

The Carousel display shows results in an image based, horizontal scroll bar which sits above the traditional listings. Originally, the Carousel results were only used for hotel and restaurant listings but the function is now moving into more than 50 different topics including wedding venues, recording studios, city parks, art galleries and supermarkets.

Clicking on a Google Knowledge Graph Carousel result images for things like hotels, restaurants, and other consumer venues will provide the user with more information, including photographs, an address for the listing and star rating.

As yet, the Carousel has only rolled out for English language searches made in the US but more languages will be added over time as the Carousel keeps spinning and continues to grow.


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