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Over Two Thirds of UK Shoppers Abandon Online Baskets Before Checkout

A new study has revealed that around 70 per cent of British shoppers abandon their online shopping baskets before completing their purchase.

The study, which was commissioned by Cloud. IQ, surveyed around 2000 UK-based online shoppers about the various reasons they added products to a website basket, but did not see the order through to checkout.

It found that 23 per cent of respondents had backed out of making an online purchase as they were unable to speak to the retailer about their orders beforehand.

One of the best methods for turning these abandoned baskets into conversions is to optimise your website in order to include a call back feature.

Optimising your website to include a prominent call back button, which would then direct the customer straight through to a company representative who can address their concerns, will help to rescue almost-abandoned baskets and dramatically improve conversions.

More than half of those surveyed by Cloud. IQ said that, for purchases of £50 or over, they would be more confident about completing their order if they were offered a free call back from the retailer.

With the average Brit spending around £1000 on the internet, Cloud. IQ CEO James Critchley says it is "crucial" that retailers make themselves more accessible to their online customers.

Mr Critchley said: "People want to do business with people. The reality is that even when we're buying stuff online - and particularly something that costs more than a few quid - we usually want to talk to someone as part of the transaction. It's worrying that many retailers fail to offer this option."


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