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Top 10 Tips on Managing your Online Reputation

One of the most important parts of any online marketing strategy is managing the way that your brand is represented on the web by other people. Your official blog might sing the company's praises, but other web users might be less kind, which could have a negative effect on the brand's image overall.

Reputation Management involves first analyzing a company's online image and then improving it, by responding to negative feedback or bad press, and by identifying new PR opportunities in parts of the internet that the brand is not visible (social networks, industry journals, popular third party blogs).

Here, we've collected our Top 10 Tips for managing your online reputation, and ensuring that web users see your brand in a positive light.

- Brand Management: The first thing to get right is your business. If the business is in bad form and clients are not happy, it will be hard to manage an online reputation. Once the Company is cleaned up and everything is going the right way, the online reputation process can begin.

- Use Google to Search your Company: See what people searching for yourself see. If they see a website, blog, social media, good reviews you are doing something right. If there is little online content for the brand or a bad review on the first place you need to correct this with Reputation Management techniques.

- Be aware of Online Reviews: It is great to have excellent reviews and some good feedback, but if there are a couple of negative reviews or bad experiences with your company, this can overshadow the good. Keep an eye on online review websites where the company may be mentioned.

- Take Action on Bad Mentions: Try and recover any negative posts about your company. If a review on Trip Advisor for example is misleading and untrue, contact the website to remove the post. If there are bad reviews online that perhaps could be true, pushing out positive posts via a blog or Press Releases can help to overcome these.

- Positive News: Promote anything the company is doing that is positive. Whether it be Charity Work, Awards that have been gained, or a new product, this will show the company in a good light, helping to diminish bad reviews.

- Social Media: Social Media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can shape your online reputation. Linking to interesting posts and articles will show you are not only interested in your own brand but what others in the industry are doing. Replying to people on Social Media shows everybody viewing that you are interested in the customer or client. Having a polite attitude on Social Networks will also put your name in a good light. If there is negative feedback present on your Social Network replying to these and resolving the issue will help maintain a good reputation.

- Look for Trends online: What phrases are being searched on Google? What hashtags are trending on Twitter? If there is anything relating to your company, or anything you can get involved in, get involved! If #worldfoodday is trending and you have a restaurant, create a Tweet such as 'We are busy cooking up an exciting selection for #worldfoodday tonight, come and enjoy!'

- What would the Consumer Think: It is easy to find out; ask them. Use online feedback forms or ask customers face to face. If you understand the needs of the consumer and act upon these, the online presence will mirror this good attitude towards customers.

- Distribute News Far and Wide: Some websites offer free Press Releases to be spread out over some news related sites. Others are paid and can be shown to a wider audience and paid distribution services are more likely to get the article published on Google News.

- Track your Reputation: Using services such as Google Alerts can give a notification when any news or content is posted with your Brand name in. This is an easy way to track what is being said. Yahoo Alerts is a similar service which can send notifications by email or mobile.

HitSearch Reputation Management Software allows you to study your brand’s online reputation and improve it. This innovative new technology can capture any brand's "buzz" and divide it into positive and negative opinion. By searching billions of information sources, such as blogs, message boards, forums, news sites, (as well as social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google+) this innovative reputation management service provides the most in-depth, real-time knowledge available to a brand.

Once we have this information, our online marketing experts can help you to address any concerns and give your online reputation a makeover, where it needs one most.

For more information, simply enquire online or call 0845 634 9289.



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