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Andrew Redfern

Graph Search Optimisation in Our Future? Facebook Rolls Out New Search Feature in US

Facebook's much-anticipated new Graph Search function is now being rolled out for users who have their profile language set to English (US).

Graph Search allows users to search for more specific information relating to chosen cities or their friends, comprising user profiles from information they've shared publicly, and pages they've liked.

For example, users can now search for restaurants in London that their friends have been to, pictures of their family taken before 1990, or friends of their friends who have listed yoga as one of their interests.

The brand new search feature was revealed by the social network's founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's headquarters in California back in January. Since then, Facebook has been busy refining the tool based on feedback from beta users and engineers.

This initial roll-out of Graph Search focuses on four key areas; People, Photos, Places and Interests. So you can search for users who live nearby who share your interests, photos of your friends taken in specific locations, cities your family members have visited, what languages your friends speak, and a whole lot more.

Facebook's privacy and safety manager Nicky Jackson Colaco said: "[Graph Search] indexes information differently than we have ever been able to do before, in a really positive way."

Addressing privacy concerns some users may have relating to the new Graph Search feature, Nicky added that Facebook would be alerting its users to the new search tool, and advising them about managing their privacy settings. "The goal is to avoid bad surprises," she said.

With Facebook enhancing their search facilities in this way, it provides a whole new dimension for online marketers to consider when developing their campaigns. With such specific audience information at their disposal, marketers can learn so much more about their core audience and create more targeted, personalised Facebook ads.

Could we be talking about "Graph Search Optimisation" in the near future?

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