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Andrew Redfern

Building Your Business Profile Page on Twitter

It is becoming more and more important for brands to have a social media presence, particularly on the major social networks such as Twitter. Here, we run through setting up your Twitter profile to ensure that it sings for your brand and engages your target audience.

Choose Your Profile Images Carefully

You should set your Twitter profile images to reflect your brand identity, for example, use the company logo for your profile picture, and a custom brand-related image for the background. A fairly recent addition that Twitter has introduced is the header image feature, which sits in the top right box, above your tweets, and behind your bio and profile picture. To ensure the best quality for your images, ensure you set them to the following dimensions:

Profile Picture: 81 x 81 px
Header Image: 520 x 260 px
Background Image: At least 1600 x 900 px, but go for 2500 x 1600 px if you have a large enough image

Select a Brand-Identifying Username

Your username should at least partly incorporate your brand name, as the username is what will be posted alongside all of your tweets, and will alert other Twitter users as to the identity of the account. Once you have chosen a Twitter name, be sure to include it wherever you can to alert clients and customers to your Twitter presence; in email signatures, on your website, in newsletters and marketing materials, etc.

Introduce Yourself with an Engaging Bio

Your Twitter bio should introduce the Twitter user to your business in a clear, concise manner; describe your business and its services, but keep it as succinct as possible. If you wish to drive traffic to your website, be sure to include a clickable URL in your bio.

Make Your Twitter Profile Seamless

When designing each component of your Twitter profile, you should do so whilst considering all other aspects of your page, so as to create a Twitter profile that accurately reflects your business, and seamlessly comes together in order to tell your brand story. It is incredibly important to remember that a large section of your audience will be viewing your page on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, so design your Twitter page accordingly.

For more help and advice on setting up and managing a social media campaign for your brand across all of the major social networks, and not just Twitter, get in touch with HitSearch today.

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