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Twitter Search Update Brings In Photos and More

Micro-blogging powerhouse Twitter has announced changes to the search function on twitter.com which bring photos and account information into search results, and also introduces social context as you type your search query.

The aim is to make the user experience more similar to that of Twitter mobile. Changes were announced at the end of the last week via an official Twitter tweet.


As explained there are three primary changes to the desktop search function. Two affect the layout of the Twitter search results page. When users punch in a search query they will no longer simply enjoy a stream of relevant Tweets, but also a panel of keyword related People that the user might choose to follow. They’ll also have access to photos, via a category page link, and also a panel of photos which divides the regular search results into two.

The other major change affects the actual process of the search. Click into the search bar and a dropdown menu appears, made up of recent searches and any saved searches that the user might have. Begin to type and a further drop down presents a ‘social context’ as Twitter calls it; a sort of predictive search.


So, if your search is similar to an account you follow, this account will appear in the dropdown. If you don’t follow them, but follow somebody that does, they will appear again.

The Twitter search update has not yet affected everybody, but it soon will. Do you think the changes will improve the Twitter search experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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