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Google Announces Major YouTube Updates

youtubeDo you have 100 subscribers on YouTube? If so, you’ll soon be able to offer live stream from your account after Google announced a number of YouTube updates which expand several great YouTube functions to a greater number of users.

YouTube is sharing the love, by offering live streaming to video producers with as few as 100 subscribers, and offering custom thumbnails and merchandise links to everybody.

Google announced that the live stream changes would be implemented over the coming weeks.

Only recently, the search leader granted live streaming access to users with at least 1,000 subscribers, and now that the limit has fallen once again to 100, a clear pattern is emerging, but there’s no announcement as yet to suggest that live streaming will soon be available to your Average Joe, subscriber-less YouTuber.

As of last week, YouTube users have enjoyed the ability to upload custom thumbnails for their videos. Until then the site had advised users to create their videos with a good thumbnail image in mind. This would allow them to choose a thumbnail directly from the video. Now they can upload whatever thumbnail they like, although custom thumbnail privileges will be taken from anybody who doesn’t follow the site’s Community Guidelines.

Another feature of the latest update is the fact that users can link externally to online stores or personal websites through annotations. This provides them with new opportunities to make money from their shows.

So, great news all around for YouTube video producers and viewers, who will be able to enjoy more live streamed shows and even more ways to spend their hard earned cash on merch from their favourite series.


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