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Google Launches Range of New Tools with its AdWords Display Planner

Google AdWords Display PlannerGoogle has unveiled a brand new Display Planner dashboard, which is built into the AdWords platform and combines three of its most long-standing tools into one universal system.

The Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner have all been integrated into the new Display Planner, which aims to give marketers all of the tools they need to create their display campaigns in one convenient program.

In a post on the Google Ads Google+ page, the Google Display Planner is described as “a new unified research and planning tool, bringing you targeting ideas and estimates that can help you build better display campaigns.”

Display Planner helps marketers easily identify places on the web that their target audience are more likely to visit; simply enter the demographic of your target audience, and sites associated with this demographic, and Google Display Planner will suggest thousands of new websites to integrate into your campaign, including mobile applications and video channels.

It is anticipated that Google will begin rolling out the Display Planner to AdWords customers within the next few days, as it is within this timeframe that the Contextual Targeting Tool and Placement Tool will be phased out. The Google Ad Planner will be discontinued sometime in September.

To help make the transition easier for marketers, Google has provided a comprehensive Display Planner guide in its Help Centre, as well as announcing details of a Display Planner webinar, due to take place in the next six weeks.

Has the Display Planner been rolled out to your Google AdWords account yet? Tell us about your experiences in the Comments section below.


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