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Lewis Moulds

Now Google Goes Head to Head with Spotify

playmusicWorld leading search engine Google will launch music streaming service Play Music All Access in the UK, in a bid to coax Brit music lovers away from Spotify.

The subscription service grants users unlimited access to music from the biggest acts in the world, and all of the major record labels; and it will also feature music from the best local and indie labels.

Play Music All Access was announced at the Google I/O conference in May, where it was described as ‘radio without rules’. The focus here is on music discovery, since fans can choose single tracks and Google will suggest playlists, formulated by the preferences of other users with similar music tastes.

The real aim, however, is for Google to go head to head with Spotify which has been around since 2008 and boasts around 10 million users. Another competitor, Bloom.fm has also recently entered the market and the UK start up recently announced that it had passed the 250,000 subscribers mark.

Google will use an introductory special offer to entice UK users. These early subscribers will receive a free month’s subscription, allowing them to listen to as much music as they like. They will also enjoy a subscription of £7.99 throughout subsequent months, while users who sign up after 15 September 2013 will pay the full price of £9.99, but will enjoy a free 30 day trial.

Play Music All Access users will be able to store up to 20,000 of their own songs online, absolutely free. They can then listen to these beloved tunes alongside all of those featured on All Access; through an Android device, or online at play.google.com.

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