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Lewis Moulds

Google Webmaster Tools gets Manual Spam Actions Viewer

google_webmastertoolsGoogle Webmaster Tools users will now be able to check their site’s status in Google at any time with the addition of the Manual Actions Viewer.

The all new feature will provide the clearest indication of a website’s search ranking being hit by a manual webspam action. Google already sends email notifications to sites that it takes spam action against, but the new feature allows the site owner to monitor their position as and when they need to, and react to a manual webspam measure.

The Google Manual Spam Actions Viewer can be found via the Search Traffic tab and is available right now.

According to the search giant, less than 2% of domains are manually removed from the Google Index because of spam. This means that the vast majority of webmasters won’t find anything when they visit the new feature, but those that do will find existing webspam problems divided into site wide matches or partial matches categories. Google will also provide information on what problems exist.

There are around a dozen categories to choose from, and problems could include keyword stuffing, hidden keyword text, thin content and total spam.

Partial matches detail which problems are present and which specific URL’s are affected. Only a maximum of 1000 URL’s can be listed, but Google has identified that only the most gargantuan of sites like YouTube or Facebook would require more.

But in addition to this new manual actions viewer, Webmaster Tools has streamlined the review process, making it easier for a site to request a review from Google, when problems have been addressed.

Whenever problems are listed a new Request a Review button will be visible and when webmasters would like their pages to be reconsidered they can click here. A pop up window appears which allows site owners to provide details of how they have addressed the problems outlined by Google.

These new additions are helping Google to improve the level of communication between them and webmasters. Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments.

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