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75% of Smartphone Users will Delete Emails That Aren’t Mobile Ready

iStock_000018490271XSmallA new report by email service provider Constant Contact has revealed that 75% of smartphone users surveyed were ‘highly likely’ to delete an email if it couldn’t be read on their smartphone.

The mobile email survey also found that even more of almost 1,500 respondents surveyed, some 80%, considered it extremely important to read emails on their mobile devices.

Constant Contact called upon the help of research specialists Chadwick Martin Bailey in order to survey 1,497 smartphone users. Their aim was to gain insight into the mobile email open rate habits of different age demographics.

According to the report 88% of adults aged 18-30 used their smartphone to open emails, and for more than half, 52%, the smartphone was their primary device for reading emails, which stresses the importance of mobile ready content.

Even the next demographic, aged 30-39, revealed a similar trend with 85% of smartphone users opening emails on their gadget, and 48% also claimed it was their primary means of doing so. Respondents aged 40 to 49 also used their smartphones to check their mail, or at least 74% of them did, and 35% used their smartphone as their primary method.

The trend continues as ages go up, interaction with emails via smartphone goes down. 71% of smartphone users aged 50 to 59 read emails on their phone and 26% use that method over any other. 66% of smartphone users aged 60 and up also read emails on their phones. Only 14% of them make their smartphone their primary email reading method, but the bottom line is that more and more people are engaging with mobile content first, and it that content is not mobile-ready, the owners of the content are losing out.


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