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#SocialJet takes to the Skies as Airline takes to the Web

9388170250_791b5fc0c8_zAs the world’s biggest brands take on land on social media platforms, it’s up to them to promote their web presence in the real world; sparking a not-so-vicious cycle of business promoting social media so the social media can promote the business.

There aren’t many places that brands haven’t slapped their Facebook profiles, their Twitter handles and their hashtags. Social media stamps have been seen in sports stadiums and have taken over the top of the Seattle Space Needle. They’ve even been seen on the side of a blimp.

Now, social media is taking to the skies once again, on the fuselage of a jet, namely the #SocialJet from Aer Lingus.

The Irish airline’s latest creation is so switched on to social media that it boasts a hashtag in its name; a hashtag which can be seen on both sides of the plane. The #SocialJet hashtag is accompanied by the company’s Facebook URL and its Twitter handle. On one side of the fuselage, the handle and official Twitter logo are accompanied by the question "Have you followed us yet?" and this real-world Twitter plug was then plugged by the brand on Twitter; as they tweeted an official picture of their high flying new recruit.

"We love our @twitter handle so much we put it on the side of one of our planes! #socialjet pic.twitter.com/qLLklYuc2N"

Facebook takes pride of place on the other side of the fuselage, with the Aer Lingus Facebook address, along with the question "Have you liked us yet?"


But the airline’s latest marketing tactic is also a functioning passenger jet, with Aer Lingus Director of Communications explaining to the Irish Times that the Aer Lingus "strategy on social media is to serve first and sell second. You can’t always deal with highly complex matters on Twitter, but you can give people links to where they can find more information or you can deal with queries using private messaging."

The #socialjet is currently being leased by the airline to help them cope with an increased schedule of flights in the summer months, and the company isn’t plugging its social media presence on its permanent company jets in the same way.

A great creative social media campaign helps drive traffic to a company site and revolutionises the way that customers interact with the business, but it can also have benefits offline, particularly the greater brand awareness that is possible through a great social media idea.


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