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Lewis Moulds

Mobile Versus Desktop – Who is Winning the Battle for Web Users?

iStock_000017326745XSmall According to a recent study carried out in the US, just 15.8% of internet traffic comes through mobile devices. The figures, from web tracker StatCounter, suggest that desktop has won this battle, but is it winning the war? Depending upon the way you quantify it, a strong mobile presence is already imperative.

As mobile internet usage continues to increase, companies of every size and from every industry are facing up to the fact that they need to embrace mobile marketing strategies, such as optimising their site, their emails and their paid search ads for mobile viewing.

Ok, so overall desktop usage still dominates mobile usage in the grand scheme of things, but when we look at particular websites, like Facebook, we see a different picture; and since these are many of the websites which matter from a marketing point of view, this cannot be ignored.

According to recent reports, 78% of daily active use of Facebook comes via mobile, and 59% of searches through Yelp come through mobile too. If your business relies upon interest from Yelp listings, or interacts with its customer base on Facebook, it is essential to have the mobile demographic covered. A review of other significant websites suggests something similar.

But this isn’t the only way of addressing the mobile versus desktop debate. Another important metric is time spent; because while more internet traffic might still come through desktop computers, people are spending more time on the internet with their mobile device.

In the US, the amount of time spent on the internet using a mobile device during May amounted to around 481 billion minutes. This was longer than the time spent on the internet via a desktop computer, 477 minutes. This isn’t the greatest majority, but it shows that mobile has already surpassed desktop in a fashion, and the amount of internet time spent on mobile will only increase in the near future.

The amount of cash pumped into mobile advertising is still dwarfed by traditional media, but recent statistics prove that ad spending does not reflect user behaviour and savvy marketers will be talking to their mobile audience, or risk losing out on lucrative opportunities.

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